Sam's GitHub Pages

Here you'll find some stuff I'm hosting on github pages. You can find my main website over at, and also view my Github Profile.

Teaching Resources

A collection of teaching resources I have created for teaching Computer Science and ICT to students of LVS Oxford. Please feel free to use these resources for your own teaching purposes.

Oxford Compsoc Teaching Resources

Lessons we used during our Learn to Code events at the Oxford University Computer Society.

Other Stuff

Small python script for taking stdout data and representing it in a nice tree format.

Concurrent Duplex Stream Testing

Java classes to aid in performing testing on duplex (simultaneous two-way) "streams" in a synchronous way.

Sam Lanning

Sam Lanning

Studied Computer Science @ Oxford University. Interested in Communication, Security, Privacy, Anonymity, P2P, E2E, Mesh, Censorship Resistance etc...

Oxford - UK